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Upcoming Training

We offer a 5 day retreat-style training in Ketamine-Assisted Therapy which includes 2 experiential sessions (ketamine oral lozenge and ketamine intramuscular injection). Our trainings offer trainees the opportunity to experience KAT from the perspective of both the client and the therapist (working in therapeutic dyads). Our trainings also cover the theory and practice of KAT, offering the therapeutic toolkit to feel well equipped for integrating KAT into a therapeutic practice.

Collaboration and Support

Upon completing the training, therapists who contract with us will have access to the following:


We provide ongoing consultation as part of our partnership with our providers.

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This includes consultation for both the clinical/therapeutic, and medical aspects of working with ketamine.

Intentional space

We offer our providers a “turn key” situation for working with ketamine.

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Our office spaces are designed with the same intentionality we bring to our therapeutic work. We aim for creating warm, unique spaces where clients can feel well supported and contained, where unique expression feels welcomed and valued. Each office comes fully equipped with everything needed for ketamine sessions from a bed to audio speakers to refreshments. All you have to do is reserve the space, schedule the sessions with your clients, and show up.

Full Support

When you collaborate with us you won’t need to find a doctor or medical provider

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for prescribing administering, or overseeing your practice. We’ve got that covered. All our medical providers have been fully trained in working with ketamine and have both you and your clients’ backs should medical intervention be necessary. While we will always have a medical provider on site while ketamine sessions are underway, we also value the privacy and intimacy of the therapeutic relationship. The majority of sessions take place with just the therapist and client in the room, with our medical providers on site and on call should intervention be needed.


Our vision is to play a supportive role throughout the Salish Sea

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region in enabling intentional, compassionate practitioners of psychedelic-assisted therapy to offer their services well to their communities. Our intention is to expand beyond a single location in order to embed this support at a local level, making KAT and other psychedelic-assisted therapies more widely accessible. We are open to partnering with practitioners in the various regions and communities of the Puget Sound who are interested in sharing in this larger vision.

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