Our Vision

Telos was established in 2019 with the intention of facilitating above-ground psychedelic-assisted therapy beginning with the therapeutic use of ketamine. We set out with the conviction that ketamine and other soon to be legal psychedelics should be widely accessible as transformative therapeutic medicines for intentional, trained, licensed practitioners to integrate into their own therapeutic practices. 

We also set out with the conviction that quality medicine and quality care should be widely accessible to those who can benefit from it, and that such care is best when it is tailored to the individual client and facilitates their active participation in the treatment process. 

We wanted to create a model of psychedelic-assisted therapy that is collaborative and empowering, and we seek to reflect this in our support for both our clients and providers. 

Combining transformative medicine and compassionate care

Telos Transformational Therapies is the collaborative vision of co-founders Dr. Rafael Gonzalez-Vizoso and Scott Ross, MA. It represents their shared intention to offer transformative medicine and attuned therapeutic care without compromise.

In the world of managed care- where spaces allegedly intended for wellness appear increasingly homogenized and sterile, personalized therapeutic care is increasingly pushed out by manualized therapies, and the field of psychiatry has all but abandoned curative medicine in favor of the much more lucrative palliative pharmaceuticals- Telos is committed to offering something different, where warm spaces, personalized care, and empowering medicines are the standard of care you can expect.

Know thy medicine

We support the ongoing inner work of our providers. A couple ketamine experiences is not enough to gain a deep understanding of its healing potential. 

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Quality care is difficult when therapists are working from minimal or no direct knowledge of the healing spaces their clients are navigating. Beyond requiring that our providers have direct experience with the medicine with which they work, we encourage and support continuing education through direct experience with ketamine and plan to take a similar approach with other psychedelic medicines when they are approved for therapy. We see it as optimal that this continued learning happens within the context of a supportive professional therapeutic community.

Compassionate, client-centered care

We are committed to offering quality, compassionate care without compromise.

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This means that in making decisions such as session length and frequency the well being of our clients will always take priority over things like profitability. This also means that we see quality care as tailoring treatment to each client rather than fitting clients into a preset program. Clients feel well cared for when they are met where they are at, and we see such care as going a long way towards building therapeutic trust as we guide clients into experiences that are both profound and intense.


Psychedelic medicines are meant for those who can benefit from them, regardless of income or any other barrier to access.

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We are committed to making KAT as accessible as possible within the parameters of a sustainable business model. This currently means that we offer a substantial income-based sliding fee. In the future we plan to utilize KAT group therapy, insurances, and other creative solutions to reduce barriers to treatment while maintaining long term sustainability for both our providers and organization. In terms of non-financial barriers, we see our partnership model of organizational development as an important part of improving access to care. Such a model allows for a diversity of providers and locations to organically develop.

A collaborative community

Our intention is to develop a collaborative community of practitioners.

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We encourage therapists to develop their own approach and tailor psychedelic-assisted therapy to the clients they work with and issues they are passionate about. Our aim is to offer the intentional space and organizational structure to assist therapists in offering not only individual sessions, but also trainings, leading groups, and hosting retreats.

We value creativity, intentionality, and nuance

Rather than try to fit our clients into a preset treatment with a preset approach in a standard office- we aim to offer unique experiences for unique human beings with unique concerns.

Regional commitment

Our intention is to build a supportive organization within the Salish Sea region for psychedelic-assisted therapy.

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Both the pioneer spirit and robust indigenous cultures are central to the history of this region, and we intend to carry this blended cultural spirit on as we support the pioneering work and wise, intentional practice needed to integrate psychedelic medicines into modern Pacific Northwest culture.

If you are interested in future trainings or participating in KAT when alternative options become available you can send inquiries to scott.ross@salishseacounseling.com

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