Telos Transformational Therapies

Telos Transformational Therapies will be closing this fall and is unable to take new clients.

It has been an honor to offer this transformative treatment over the past several years to our communities and clients.

Some practitioners in our network are currently developing alternatives to be able to offer KAT in the near future. Our training team also hopes to be able to offer future KAT trainings in the future beyond the closure of Telos.

If you are interested in future trainings or participating in KAT when alternative options come available you can send inquiries to

Your safety is at the forefront of our mind

During your treatment you will also be under the supervision of a medical professional who will be on site during all of your sessions. This allows us to maintain the intimacy and depth of psychotherapy while still prioritizing your physical safety and well being.

Know thy medicine is a value we hold in high regard.

When you embark on your ketamine journeys, you will have the assurance that every professional you interact with will have had personal experience with the expanded state of consciousness you are going into and clinical experience assisting clients in preparing for and integrating these experiences. Like other forms of exploration, it’s reassuring to have someone along who has been there before, who you can trust to have your back if things get challenging.

Choose Telos

In choosing Telos, you will also be choosing to embark on your journeys in a supportive environment that doesn’t cut corners.

Our ketamine sessions are 3 hours long

Because we see adequate recovery and integration time not as an optional luxury, but as essential to ethical care.

Warmth and personality in our therapeutic spaces

You are going on a therapeutic journey, not having surgery, and it’s important to us that our environments reflect and support this well.

If you are interested in future trainings or participating in KAT when alternative options become available you can send inquiries to

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